TDT is committed to the creation of enduring shareholder value, with a strategy aimed at delivering technically superior diagnostic and therapeutic products, which advance the state of medicine and improve the quality of life for patients afflicted with cancer and their families.

A significant strategic step was taken in 1994 with the formation of the alliance with Dr. Waldman's laboratory at TJU. TDT is presently commercializing the first of several discoveries from this association.

TDT has demonstrated a unique ability to identify and add value to novel university-based medical technologies by:

  • Finding and directing research and development efforts at academic centers;
  • Building a compelling portfolio of intellectual property;
  • Bringing technologies to commercial viability in multiple formats;
  • Establishing collaborative partnerships and out-licensing agreements with large pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to fully exploit the potential of TDT's proprietary technology.

The TDT Business Plan calls for three distinct approaches to revenue generation on behalf of our shareholders:

  • Out-licensing mature technologies to large pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and diagnostic companies;
  • Joint Venture collaborations with large pharmaceutical and other biotechnology partners, and;
  • Unilateral development and commercial launch of TDT proprietary diagnostic and therapeutic products.

This multi-tiered implementation strategy allows TDT to operate at maximum efficiency with optimum return on shareholders invested capital.